Skalies Cash Games

Dusk Till Dawn provides cash games for all levels of poker players, which can be viewed here

Because these games are invite only they generally provide a more fun and friendly environment to play in. If seats are available simply ask Skalie or the cash desk and they will try to accommodate you. Like any private home games, the people running them can choose who plays. Any player who is considered to cause disruption will not be allowed in these games, but are free to join any other club games.

All games are scheduled to start at 8pm and players reserving seats get preference. If you wish to join the invite list to reserve seats for any of these games contact Jon Kalmar either on twitter (@skalie) or Facebook. Alternatively leave your details with the desk.

Minimum requirement of 3 hours play for winning players (2 hours 1/1) unless game breaks
Free food and soft drinks for all players

Some rules differ from standard cash games in the club

Running a board twice is allowed but only in Heads Up pots and ONLY twice

A player who has mucked their hand has relinquished all rights to the pot. A winning player is not required to show his hand if he is "the last man standing".

The "Show one show all" rule is not in play. A player can expose his cards to someone else providing that person is no longer in the hand. Any players thought to be abusing this or colluding will be barred from future games.

Skalie Cash Games are Considered to be a gentlemanly game. Players are encouraged to settle disputes amongst themselves. However should the floor be required they will make a ruling based upon what is fair in their judgement. This ruling will be final.

Game Limits

Stakes Min Max
1-1 £50 £150 or half largest stack (1 straddle max)
1-2 £100 £500 or half largest stack
1-2-4 £300 £1500 or half largest stack