High Hand of the Day Promotion – Terms & Conditions
  • To qualify the hand must use both of the player’s hole card, & for quads the hole cards must be a pocket pair.
  • To qualify, a hand does not need to go to showdown, but does need to be tabled by the players, & verified (see below).
  • Players must play their hands independently. Any discussion of the prize during the hand may void qualification.
  • The Cash Game Supervisor or a Manager to verify eligibility of all qualifying hands. There will be no recourse if the cards are mucked before the hands are verified. There will be no option to reconstruct the hand after cards are mucked.
  • The Highest verified hand at the close of business each day to be declared the Highest Hand of the Day.
  • Every hand of £25 & above on £1/£1 & £40 & above on £1/£2 contributes £1 to the High Hand Bonus pool.
  • All of the High Hand Bonus pool from each day goes to the winner(s) of that day’s High Hand of the Day.
  • The minimum which will be awarded is £250 each day Monday to Thursday & £500 Friday to Sunday. If less than that value is collected on a particular day, then the pre-existing cash game bonus pool will be used to make up the difference. If that pool is smaller than the difference between funds collected & the minimum award, then Dusk Till Dawn will contribute the difference.
  • If there are two or more High Hands on the same day of the same value, the prize will be split equally.
  • Prizes won are final. No substitution or transfer of prizes permitted unless otherwise stated.
  • The winner will be announced in Dusk Till Dawn & on the Dusk Till Dawn Cash Games facebook page.
  • Any contest to the winner or the prize to be made at the time the winner is announced, or as soon as is practically possible afterwards.
  • Any player who seeks to, or is seen to, abuse the nature of this promotion, will be eliminated from this promotion.
  • Errors & omissions excepted
  • Management reserve the right to remove, alter or amend this promotion at any time.
  • Management decision is final.