Cash Game Limits & Charges

Dusk Till Dawn provides cash games for all levels of poker players:

StakesGameMin SitdownMax Buy-in% RakeRake CapStraddles
£1/£1NLHE£50£15010%£5 (inc. 50p's)Not allowed
£1/£2 DeepNLHE£200£1,000*5%£10Unlimited
£5/£5NLHE£500£2,500*5%£15 cap £5 at 100/300/500Unlimited
£5/£10NLHE£1,000£5,000*2.5%£15 cap £5@ 200/400/600Unlimited
£10/£25+NLHE£2,500n/a£25 fixed on £1k+ potsn/aUnlimited
£1/£1PLO & DC£100£30010%£5 (inc. 50p's)None
£2/£2+PLO & DC£200n/a5%£10Unlimited
£5/£5 VIPPLO & DC£500n/a5%£15 (in £5 increments)Unlimited
£5/£10 VIPPLO & DC£1,000n/a2.5%£15 (in £5 increments)Unlimited
£10/£25 VIPPLO & DC£2,500n/a£25 fixed on £1k+ potsn/aUnlimited
*or 1/2 biggest stack if larger

in VIP: 1 Round Free, then £10 per hand
on Main Floor: 2 Free, then £5 per hand

Split Pots
No Rake

Run it Twice+
Always raked to pot size before runouts

Short Handed
New Game:
No rake until 5 players (maximum half an hour)
Established Games:
4 handed = £4 Cap
3 handed = £3 Cap
Heads Up = £2 Cap

  • Excluding £1/£1 games, the floor will reserve the right to increase a table maximum
    sitdown to half of the biggest stack if it is the senior game on the evening.
  • VIP games will receive complimentary food and drink.
  • These games often open naturally, but mostly these games are arranged, should you
    wish to get involved in these games contact Stuart Fox via Facebook.
  • VIP games are invite only, if you would like to be added to our high stakes database
    feel free to email Chloe Fox @ chloe.fox@dusktilldawnpoker.com
  • If you have any questions about our Cash Games please email Tom Cresswell, Cash Game Manager @ tom@dusktilldawnpoker.com