Every Saturday - Thursday
£20 Buy-in Triple Chance
£600 Guaranteed
Saturday to Thursday at 7.45pm
Approximate Duration: 4-5 hours
+ Qualify for a £5,000 Live Freeroll
The Schedule
Date Start Late Reg Format Tournament Buy In Chips Clock (mins) Guarantee
Sundays 7:45pm 9pm Tripple Chance The Academy £15+£3+£2 10K+10K+10K 15 £600
Mondays 7:45pm 8pm Tripple Chance The Academy Online* $5.50 10K+10K+10K 6 $100
Mondays 7:45pm 9pm Tripple Chance The Academy £15+£3+£2 10K+10K+10K 15 £600
Tuesdays 7:45pm 9pm Tripple Chance The Academy £15+£3+£2 10K+10K+10K 15 £600
Wednesdays 7:45pm 9pm Tripple Chance The Academy £15+£3+£2 10K+10K+10K 15 £600
Thursdays 7:45pm 8pm Tripple Chance The Academy Online* $5.50 10K+10K+10K 6 $100
Thursdays 7:45pm 9pm Tripple Chance The Academy £15+£3+£2 10K+10K+10K 15 £600
Saturdays 7:45pm 9pm Tripple Chance The Academy £15+£3+£2 10K+10K+10K 15 £600
Players will be rewarded for playing each tournament regularly by being awarded points based on entering the tournament, reaching the final tables well as a bonus point for entering before the start time.
Leaderboard runs for six weeks
points will be rewarded as follows (there is also one point for participating and one for registering before the tournament starts):

1st = 9 pts
4th = 6 pts
7th = 3 pts
2nd = 8 pts
5th = 5 pts
8th = 2 pts
3rd = 7 pts
6th = 4 pts
9th = 1 pts
Place Player Points Played
1Ian Russell215
2Matt Emery172
4Trevor Buck124
5Amjad Mohammed124
6Tom Henson124
7Melinda Powell124
8Jack Hartley112
9James Allen112
10David Maxwell112
11Colin Partridge92
12James Hartley92
13Victoria Andrews95
14Ian Pears92
15Karim Premji93
16Laura Mosley93
17Aaron Simpkin92
18Liam Marsden92
19Ann Bullivant83
20Chris Watchorn82
21Yvan Pennant83
22John Topham81
24Chris Preston73
25Ryan Owen72
26Martin Powell74
27Farooq Riasat72
28Jason Moody64
29Luke Drew62
30Andrew Chapman55
31Cleaton Dyce53
32Nitesh Walia51
33Suzanna Collins52
34Barry Dawson44
35Bruce Gee44
36Chin Nam Yong44
37Puneet Sharma41
38Morgan Buda42
39Stephen Sharpe44
40Kevin Reddish44
41David Wykes43
42Gary Smith32
43David Bullivant33
44Chris Wroath33
45Calvin Hutchinson33
46Nahro Mohammed31
47Jakub Krawczynski31
48Jaspinder Landa22
49Paul Garner22
50Lauren Poole22
51Ashley Harris22
52Paula Lowe22
53Wayne Dunn22
54Alan Plackett22
55Kevin Bowe22
56Nik Jones22
57Adam Bramley22
58Charlie Stevenson22
59Gavin Fullerton22
60Vicki Porter21
61Rick Thomas22
62Bernard Lord22
63Bob Roberts11
64Ronald Deakin11
65Paula Wroath11
66Danial Ghorbani11
67Zofia Deakin11
68Sukhdev Singh Sidhu11
70Goncalo Lopes Santos11
71Alexandra Constantin Marghescu11
72Alexander Holmes11
73Matthew Buckland11
74Laura Sandu11
75Will Eaton11
76Stephen Edwards11
77Otis Benjamin11
78Max Derbyshire11
79Callum Pirnat11
80Dias Shayakhmet11
81Adrian Cousins11
82Luke Reynoldson11
83Alan Thompson11
84Sophie Grogan11
85Joe Jackson11
86Daniel England11
87Daniel Lacey11
88Anthony Brady11
89Robert Jelley11
90Michael Burn11
91Martin Kristok11
92Marcin Jackowski11
93Nathaniel Brown11
94Thomas Mccartney11
95Daniel Turner11
96Cristian Vizitiu11
97Michael Douglas11
98Jonathan Morris11
99Sepehr Nowrouz11
100Nigel Matthews11
101Ian Skidmore11
102Seb Phillips11
103Scott Dunn11
104Jake Slade11
105Alex Baxter11
106Jack Pemberton11
107Fred Guck11
Place Player Points Played
Place Player Points Played
Place Player Points Played
1Matt Emery172
2Jack Hartley101
3Trevor Buck102
4Colin Partridge92
5Melinda Powell91
6Chris Watchorn82
7Liam Marsden81
8Ann Bullivant72
9James Hartley61
10Victoria Andrews62
11Ian Russell52
12Nitesh Walia51
13Jason Moody42
14Martin Powell41
15Jakub Krawczynski31
16Gary Smith21
17Barry Dawson22
18Paul Garner22
19Lauren Poole22
20Ashley Harris22
21Paula Lowe22
22David Bullivant22
23Chris Preston22
24Wayne Dunn22
25Alan Plackett22
26Kevin Bowe22
27Amjad Mohammed22
28Chris Wroath22
29Nik Jones22
30Andrew Chapman22
31Karim Premji22
32Adam Bramley22
33Tom Henson22
34Calvin Hutchinson22
35Chin Nam Yong22
36Morgan Buda21
37Jaspinder Landa11
38Bob Roberts11
39Yvan Pennant11
40Ronald Deakin11
41Bruce Gee11
42Paula Wroath11
43Ian Pears11
44Danial Ghorbani11
45Zofia Deakin11
46Sukhdev Singh Sidhu11
48Goncalo Lopes Santos11
49Alexandra Constantin Marghescu11
50Alexander Holmes11
51James Allen11
52Cleaton Dyce11
53Charlie Stevenson11
54Laura Mosley11
55Stephen Sharpe11
56Kevin Reddish11
58David Wykes11
59Bernard Lord11
60Thomas Mccartney11
61Daniel Turner11
62Suzanna Collins11
63Cristian Vizitiu11
Place Player Points Played
1Ian Russell112
2David Maxwell112
3Amjad Mohammed102
5Ian Pears81
6John Topham81
7Laura Mosley82
8Karim Premji71
9Ryan Owen72
10Farooq Riasat61
11Chris Preston51
12Luke Drew51
13Puneet Sharma41
14Cleaton Dyce42
15Suzanna Collins41
16James Hartley31
17Victoria Andrews22
18Barry Dawson22
19Bruce Gee22
20Andrew Chapman22
21Chin Nam Yong22
22Morgan Buda21
23Melinda Powell22
24Martin Powell22
25Stephen Sharpe22
26Gavin Fullerton22
27Kevin Reddish22
28David Wykes21
29Jack Hartley11
30Trevor Buck11
31Jason Moody11
32Gary Smith11
33Yvan Pennant11
34Tom Henson11
35Calvin Hutchinson11
36Charlie Stevenson11
37Matthew Buckland11
38Laura Sandu11
39Will Eaton11
40Stephen Edwards11
41Otis Benjamin11
42Max Derbyshire11
43Callum Pirnat11
44Dias Shayakhmet11
45Aaron Simpkin11
46Rick Thomas11
47Liam Marsden11
48Michael Douglas11
49Jonathan Morris11
50Sepehr Nowrouz11
51Nigel Matthews11
52Ian Skidmore11
53Seb Phillips11
54Scott Dunn11
55Jake Slade11
56Alex Baxter11
57Jack Pemberton11
58Fred Guck11
Place Player Points Played
Place Player Points Played
1James Allen101
2Tom Henson91
3Aaron Simpkin81
5Yvan Pennant61
6Ian Russell51
8Nahro Mohammed31
9Vicki Porter21
10Trevor Buck11
11Victoria Andrews11
12Jason Moody11
13Jaspinder Landa11
14Ann Bullivant11
15David Bullivant11
16Bruce Gee11
17Chris Wroath11
18Andrew Chapman11
19Melinda Powell11
20Martin Powell11
21Stephen Sharpe11
22Kevin Reddish11
23Adrian Cousins11
24Luke Reynoldson11
25Alan Thompson11
26Luke Drew11
27Sophie Grogan11
28Joe Jackson11
29Daniel England11
30David Wykes11
31Daniel Lacey11
32Rick Thomas11
33Anthony Brady11
34Bernard Lord11
35Robert Jelley11
36Michael Burn11
37Martin Kristok11
38Farooq Riasat11
39Marcin Jackowski11
40Nathaniel Brown11
  • The Academy overall leaderboard top 3 will each win £110 DTD£££s
  • The top 3 for each daily leaderboard will win £30 DTD£££s.
  • The top 5 for each daily leaderboard will qualify for £5,000 freeroll.
The Concept
The Dusk Till Dawn Academy offers players a regular dealer dealt tournament with a low buy in and a guaranteed prizepool. The tournament starts at 7.45pm Sunday – Thursday and finishes at approximately 12.30am allowing players to still have a reasonably early finish. On Saturdays the tournament starts at 2pm. First place is estimated at £200, so a great payday for players for such a low buy in.
The tournament is set up as a triple chance, which means you will receive 10K starting stack with the option to take another two lots of 10K (ie. if you bust, you have access to another stack – or you can take the 2 other stacks at any point you desire during the late registration period).
£5,000 Live Freeroll
Every quarter at Dusk Till Dawn we hold a £5,000 Live Freeroll which you can qualify for by playing in The Academy.
Finish in the top 3 of any of the leaderboards at the end of a six-week-season, and you will book your place in the Freeroll!
First Entry Fee

Never visited Dusk Till Dawn?

Your first visit to Dusk Till Dawn will be FREE if you play the Academy.

All you need to do is fill in this JOIN NOW form (you can do it when you arrive if you prefer)

Then bring valid photo ID on your first visit, the cash desk will then enter you for FREE if you tell them it’s your first visit

Refer A Friend

Have you got a friend who has never visited Dusk Till Dawn?

Introduce them to Dusk Till Dawn and we will give you your £5 reg fee back just for refering them – valid for XXL 25, Super 50 and Academy reg fees.

Simply visit the cash desk and tell them you would like to refer a friend and they will check it’s their first visit and issue the discount.

Don’t forget your friend can also play the Academy for free!

(We are currently running a promotion where you can receive a £20 Gift Voucher for referring a friend. Click here for more details)